US bans Juul but young vapers are already switching to newer products | E-cigarettes

This week, the US effectively banned Juul after the Food and Drug Administration ordered the e-cigarette maker to remove its popular products from the marketplace. Experts have hailed the move as significant. But they are also concerned that such efforts are failing to keep up with a fast-moving vaping industry – one where young people … Read more

Russia’s Next Move Now That Severodonetsk is ‘Fully Occupied’

Weeks of intense fighting have finally led to a full Russian occupation of the Eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk, according to the local mayor on Saturday. Russian forces have gained control and forced Ukrainian defenders to retreat the city that’s pretty much completely destroyed. “The Russians have fully occupied Severodonetsk, our military has retreated to … Read more

PLTR Stock May Not Be On Sale Much Longer

Source: Spyro the Dragon / This is a great time to invest in Palantir Technologies (NYSE:PLTR), a widely known provider of security products and services. PLTR stock remains on sale, down 48% year to date, while its multiple collaborations will provide the company with powerful revenue streams. Who needs Palantir’s help? Obviously, many businesses … Read more