Nintendo Switch Getting Xbox 360 Exclusives This September

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED users are getting an Xbox 360 exclusive and its sequel this September. When you think of Xbox 360 exclusives, you think of series like Halo, Gears Of War, crack down, fableand Dead Rising. The Xbox 360 is Xbox’s best-selling console so far by some margin, and … Read more

Square Enix Rolls Out Chocobo GP Version 1.1.1, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Download it now by Liam Doolan 12 hours ago Earlier this week Square Enix released another update for the Switch game Chocobo GP. It bumps the game up to Version 1.1.1 and allows players to now delete their best Time Attack Mode records and upload their newly created time data. Below is the rundown: #ChocoboGP … Read more

Two Point Campus Offers One Hell Of An Education

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Youtube If there’s one thing we need in life that goes criminally underappreciated, it’s education. Ejucashun kan turns a sentinse lik this into something that can be concise and precise, or eloquent and needlessly protracted. From students to heads of state, veterinarians to loquacious video producers — we all could … Read more

Sonic Origins Contributor Shares Frustrations Over The State Of The Game

Image: SEGA Sonic Origins’ launch yesterday saw the return of the blue blurs classic Mega Drive/Genesis games, all bundled together on modern consoles. The most noteworthy part of the bundle is Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which sees Sonic 3 ported to consoles with new, HD upgrades for the first time. To help make this version … Read more

The Nintendo Switch Has A Big Summer Sale Right Now

picture: Nintendo The dog days of summer are officially here. Whether you’re trying to take your mind off the heat or the bad headlinesyou’re in luck: Nintendo is currently running a major sale on digital Switch games. Cool off with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or mind-meld with a sentient hat in super mario odyssey … Read more

Nintendo Launches “Super” Switch Sale, Up To 50% Off Some Huge Games (North America)

Image: Nintendo Nintendo of America has announced a big Switch eShop sale dubbed the “Big Ol’ Super Sale”, with up to 50% off some real heavy-hitting Nintendo Switch games. Deals on Switch games such as Super Mario Odyssey (we hear it’s pretty good), The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (also not shabby), Monster Hunter Rise … Read more

Rumour: Sonic Origins Datamine Hints At A Returning Character For Sonic Frontiers

Image: SEGA Happy 31st birthday to the blue blur! We’ve seen Sonic the Hedgehog change and evolve tons over the years, and the next step in his journey — Sonic Frontiers — is bringing some of the franchise’s biggest changes yet. But before we look forward, we’re looking back today with the launch of Sonic … Read more

AM2R Developers Reunite For Okami-Inspired Metroidvania ‘Bo: Path Of The Teal Lotus’

Image: Christopher Stair, Trevor Youngquist Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign back in February this year, Chris Stair and Trevor Youngquist’s upcoming stunning Metroidvania Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus has gained a couple of notable names in the Metroid fan community. Members of the team behind Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R) have joined this … Read more

Overwatch 2 Removing Controversial Feature of the First Game

when Overwatch 2 releases it will be free-to-play. Thus, the game will live and die based on its monetization and Blizzard’s ability to tempt players into buying cosmetic items. Some might say the best way to do this is through loot boxes, which the first game launched with. However, over the past few years loot … Read more