Nintendo Switch Getting Xbox 360 Exclusives This September

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED users are getting an Xbox 360 exclusive and its sequel this September. When you think of Xbox 360 exclusives, you think of series like Halo, Gears Of War, crack down, fableand Dead Rising. The Xbox 360 is Xbox’s best-selling console so far by some margin, and … Read more

The Nintendo Switch Has A Big Summer Sale Right Now

picture: Nintendo The dog days of summer are officially here. Whether you’re trying to take your mind off the heat or the bad headlinesyou’re in luck: Nintendo is currently running a major sale on digital Switch games. Cool off with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or mind-meld with a sentient hat in super mario odyssey … Read more

KOTOR II’s Switch Port Has A Bug, But You Can Cheat Around It

screenshot: Aspyr / Obsidian This week Aspyr, the studio behind the Nintendo Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, acknowledged the existence of a bug that caused the game to crash during the main quest, preventing at least some players from completing the game. Today, Aspyr told Axios that the … Read more

Three Hopes Reviews Are Divided

picture: Nintendo The embargo just lifted on Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopesthe musou-based follow-up to Nintendo’s critically acclaimed strategy game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Most reviewers seem to agree that Three Hopes is a worthwhile successor to Three Housesthough many seemed to burn out on the repetitive-feeling combat. Some critics welcome the return of a … Read more

Aspyr Admit There’s No Way To Complete KOTOR II On Switch

screenshot: Aspyr / Obsidian Er, whoops. Aspyr, the developer/porter behind the recent release of Knights Of The Old Republic II on Nintendo Switch, have you tweeted that it’s aware the game is currently impossible to finish. The Austin-based Aspyr made its name porting classic games to new systems, most recently bringing a slew of Star … Read more

Breath of the Wild Guardian Cosplay Is Blowing Everyone Away

People have been cosplaying as Link and Zelda (and even Ganon) since the series first debuted, but those guys are (relatively) easy. They’re bipedal, they wear clothes, you put some make-up on, get a weapon, boom, you’re cosplaying as a Nintendo character. But what about Breath of the Wild’s Guardians, those giant stone warriors that … Read more

The PS2’s Jak & Daxter Is Being ‘Ported’ To The PC By Fans

picture: naughty dog Over the past few years we’ve started seeing something beautiful happen: fans of classic console games are taking old code and creating native PC versions of games that never saw an official release. We’ve seen it with some Nintendo gamesbut now we’re seeing it with a PlayStation platformer as well. This isn’t … Read more

Reggie: Nintendo’s Transition From Switch Will Be A “Significant Challenge”

Image: Nintendo Life Former Nintendo of America boss Reggie shared his thoughts recently about how Nintendo could prepare for the Switch’s successor, and the same topic has come up once again during an interview with CNET about his new book Disrupting the Game. He previously mentioned how important the “content pipeline” would be for Nintendo … Read more

Switch Online Should Leverage GameCube, Wii And Deliver “More” N64 Content, Says Former NoA Boss

Former Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aimé recently had a chat with CNET about his new book Disrupting the Game. While the usual batch of Nintendo-related questions popped up, Reggie had a little extra to share on this particular occasion. Firstly, he doesn’t expect Nintendo to revive those “mini consoles” like the SNES and NES classics … Read more

Sonic Frontiers Should Look Like Haste: Broken Worlds, Fans Say

When developer Wilhelm Nylund shared a video of the upcoming Haste: Broken Worlds on Twitter earlier this week, it almost immediately blew up. The preview has since garnered almost 1 million views as well as thousands of retweets and likes. Much of the ongoing conversation, however, involves wishing havete‘s speed and momentum could be replicated … Read more