Gay couple sues Dorchester Towers in NYC for harassment

A gay, biracial couple has filed a lawsuit against a swanky Manhattan highrise, charging that the building’s management engaged in discrimination, harassment and retaliation against them because of their race and sexual orientation. The $2.1 million suit alleges that former Dorchester Towers residents Anthony Dolci and Ming Infante “were systematically and aggressively discriminated against and … Read more

Electric unicyclists have a wheely good, illegal time in NYC

They share a uni-vision. Navigating an electric unicycle through gritty Gotham’s cutthroat streets and gridlocked traffic may not be everyone’s idea of ​​Nirvana. But don’t tell that to the 200-strong gang of electric unicyclists who meet up at the Kung Fu Tea shop in the East Village for a cruise after a nice cup of … Read more

Google warns of ‘hermit spyware’ infecting Android and iOS devices

As part of Google’s efforts to track the activities of commercial spyware vendors, the company’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) released a report Thursday on spyware campaigns targeting Android and iOS users. Google TAG researchers Benoit Sevens and Clement Lecigne go into detail about the use of entrepreneurial grade spyware dubbed “Hermit.” This sophisticated spyware tool … Read more