UnitedHealth, Shockwave Lead 5 Healthy Stocks Breaking Out Or Setting Up

Your stocks to watch for the week ahead include five medical stocks — United Health (UNH), hundred (CNC), Shockwave Medical (SWAV), Lantheus (LNTH) and Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY). X Most of those stocks are working on or have cleared bases. Medical stocks are defensive growth names, sometimes tremendous growth. United Health Stock UnitedHealth fell 0.8% … Read more

Banks rally after stress test, Bank of America underperforms

By Sinéad Carew (Reuters) – Shares in the biggest US banks rallied on Friday after they passed the Federal Reserve’s annual health check, but Bank of America underperformed with test results implying it needs a larger-than-expected capital buffer, which could limit share buybacks and dividends . While the broader equity market also rallied on Friday, … Read more

Is Bitcoin Afraid Of Big Bad Jerome Powell?

This is an opinion editorial by Tom Luongo, a former research chemist and financial/political commentator specializing in the intersection of geopolitics, financial markets, gold and cryptocurrencies. The Federal Reserve is on the attack, but not against inflation. Oh, they say their shift in monetary policy is about inflation, but that’s a cover story for what’s … Read more

The FDA Could Soon Crown This E-Cig Maker King

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is trying to remove one of the biggest, most popular electronic cigarettes from the market, opening the way for its rival to become the unassailable leader in smoking alternatives. Although the regulatory agency delivered what appeared to be a death blow to Juul Labs by rejecting its marketing application … Read more

70% of retirees wish they’d started saving for retirement earlier

Sporrer/Rupp | ImageSource | Getty Images The biggest piece of advice that people in retirement would pass along to their younger selves is simple: start saving earlier for the end of your career. Roughly 70% of retirees said that changing their habits to save or invest more and earlier is the top advice they’d give … Read more

Over 8 in 10 hourly workers have had to cut back on other expenses because of gas prices: New survey

The effects of inflation and high gas prices are hitting hourly workers hard, a new survey finds. Eighty-one percent of these workers report that higher gas costs have cut into their ability to pay for other things. Seventy-seven percent say that financial stress is impacting their health — and 22% report turning to payday loans … Read more

Stocks trade higher across indexes as Fed chair says recession fears are real

The stock market bounced back from its recent weakness in a holiday-shortened trading week, with all major indexes trading higher. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell completed his two-day semiannual economic testimony to Congress on Wednesday and Thursday. Powell told Congress the Fed’s commitment to reducing inflation is “unconditional” and acknowledged a US economic recession is … Read more

As Americans age, a demographic crisis looms

America’s aging population poses a major and mounting challenge for the nation. The elderly’s burgeoning needs for financial aid, caregiving and assistance, together with the rising costs for medical treatment, health care and drugs, are not only overwhelming household budgets, they’re also increasingly straining government resources aimed at the elderly. The annual reports of Social … Read more